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  • Introduction to 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy An Introduction to the 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy - Disruption is an urgent boardroom issue for traditional organisations as they try to survive in this hyper-connected digital world. They must become Digital Businesses to gain competitive advantage and grow their business online. This guide is the beginning of the journey. View More
  • Step by Step Guide to Digital Transformation - This guide provides insight into each core elements of Digital Transformation, including how to use digital to accelerate your business strategy, culture and business alignment, closing digital competency gaps, introducing agile innovation cycles, tactical excellence in digital marketing. View More
  • What is Strategy? What is Strategy? The Million Dollar Business Question - This guide explores the difference between strategy and digital strategy, and what you can do to ensure all your future plans are strategic and aligned with your ambitions. View More
  • What is Innovation? - This “What is Innovation” guide aims to clarify what innovation really means for organisations and the role it plays when creating and executing a Digital Business Strategy. View More
  • Digital Transformation Case Study - ‘Goods & Stuff’ is a catering supply company based in Ireland. They found themselves under threat from a new market entrant, who until now had been growing rapidly in a neighbouring territory. They approached Ionology to help them diagnose the cause of problem they were facing, to understand why their tactics up to now had… View More
  • Apple – A Digital Business Strategy Case Study - This is a case study of how in 1997, Apple was able to change their fortunes and transform their business all by having the right strategy. Ionology’s 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy is applied to the case. Follow the link more information on how to use this Digital Transformation framework.     View More
  • “Firefly” by Leckey - Read this case study to discover out how Firefly became £6million business within 1 year of launching. Leckey are a 31-year-old manufacturing and design company who create postural support equipment for children with special needs. Leckey were a company who were simply “doing digital”, they were creating websites and using social media, but the business was… View More