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Ionology Partner Program

Every man and his robotic dog offers digital transformation services

You’re competing with not only the ‘Big 4’, but a gazillion other consultancies, IT companies, tech companies, digital marketers and creative agencies.

Which Option Suits You Best?


£49 p.m

Talk to Sales
  • Find new clients and win digital transformation projects
  • Use AI tools to gain data-driven insights
  • Differentiate your proposition from the competition
  • Gain access to the elusive C-Suite
  • Build more value into your conversations
  • Gateway to consultancy
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£649 p.p.p.m

Talk to Sales
  • Move seamlessly from ‘pitch’ to commercial engagement
  • Optimise your consulting methods
  • Become relevant to the C-Suite decision makers
  • Scalable method of consulting for small & large scale projects
  • Suitable for public sector & private sector
  • Tried, tested & trusted methods that integrate strategy, communications, innovation and data
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£2,795 p.p.p.m

Talk to Sales
  • Build highly lucrative education programs
  • Educate the C-Suite to plan for true digital transformation success
  • Tap into the open classroom & corporate Market courses
  • Secure superior revenue streams
  • Access interactive teaching apps
  • Provide employee progress reports 
  • Use Ionology’s case studies to bring real world application in your classroom
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Partner Program Comparison Table

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*Propulsion Pro
*Propulsion Advanced
Propulsion Member Only Access
Ionology IP – Framework Access
Ionology Framework Downloads + How to Guides
Online Training Video for Propulsion
Client Presentation Template
Quote Template
Membership Support Forum
The 7 Principles of Digital Strategy PDF
Access to Real-World Case Studies
The ‘7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy’ Book
Complete Dx Course Training – 40 Hours
Digital Transformation Exam
Digital Transformation Certification
Ionology Licence to Consult
Advanced Client Presentation Template
*Opportunity Collaboration
Marketing Materials
*Co-Branding Opportunities
*Sales/Consultant Support Clinic
*F2F Training – 1 Week per Course (T-T-T)
T-T-T DT Exam
T-T-T Dx Certification
Ionology Licence to Educate
Complete Slide Deck for Open Classroom Training
Complete Slide Deck for Corporate Training
Course Content & Slide Deck Updates
Training Materials – Open Classroom
Training Materials – Corporate
Candidate Materials
Interactive Quiz Access
Training Platform Software
Marketing Materials – Open Classroom
Marketing Materials – Corporate Training
*Additional Courses for Education Partners
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The Ionology Difference

We’re digital transformation experts, creators of the Ionology Digital Transformation Framework; we’ve authored books, guides and videos on the subject long before the term became mainstream.  Most importantly, we’ve a 20+ year track record of delivering game-changing digital transformation strategies for commercial and government clients worldwide.

Take advantage of our years of work, experience and expertise.

Get a foot in the door, a leg up, a start!

Become an Ionology Partner

How do you…

…open doors?
…fend off the competition?
…convince your customers you can help them better than anyone else?

That’s where we can help.

Data-Driven Framework

Ionology Digital Transformation Framework - Digital Business Strategy Quadrant

The Ionology Digital Transformation Framework helps companies establish their current position within the digital economy and where they need to be to displace the competition.
Our framework is taught by leading universities and is endorsed by Babson College, the #1 US college for entrepreneurship.

There’s a reason why Google ranks us top for ‘Digital Transformation Framework’ – IT WORKS!

Find Out More

Get Tooled Up with Game Changing Insights

Use our AI-enabled ‘Propulsion’ software to gain unique insights on potential clients and how their business is performing. Use it to find gaps in their performance and identify opportunities that will enable you to help plan their ‘next moves’.  These are unique insights your clients will want to hear more about. This is your differentiator. This is your door opener.

What to expect…

Using our AI software, you’ll receive a report on your client’s digital footprint that:

  • Creates the initial client assessment
  • Delivers challenging insights with amazing accuracy
  • Provides a platform for further discussion around your clients digital transformation strategy
Propulsion Software | Ionology

Try it out for yourself

Propulsion Form

You’re blown away – right?

OK, so what’s next?

We’ve put together 3 core offerings, giving you the opportunity to use Ionology’s unique frameworks and platforms to help take your business to the next level, catapulting you from getting ‘a foot in the door’ to delivering to the masses.

Choose from our Partner Models


Here’s what happens when you pitch using our framework and tools?

First, clients are intrigued by your insights.
Pennies drop, light bulbs flash.
They can see that you get it.
They love that you can prove it.
They want your help.
You close the deal.
You become a trusted advisor.

First, clients are intrigued by your insights.
Pennies drop, light bulbs flash.
They can see that you get it.
They love that you can prove it.
They want your help.
You close the deal.
You become a trusted advisor.


What differentiates your consulting services from the competition?

Do you follow the old school way?
Traditional management consultancy modernised for the digital age.

Or do you adopt a fresh approach, a new and better way?
Digital transformation consulting using data-driven frameworks and technology.

Pitch Together

We’ll help you deliver compelling data-driven insights to your clients so you can deliver a perfect pitch and set their hearts a-flutter.

Win Together

We will help you close deals and win those digital transformation projects with killer quotes and the support you need to win them over.

Deliver Together

We will collaborate on your digital transformation project all the way from strategy to technology. We’ve got your back Jack.

Join our Partner Network

Join our growing community of digital transformation consultants. Get new leads and collaborate on projects. Secret handshakes optional.


Become an Ionology Certified Education Partner

✓ ‘Out of the Box’ Solutions

Our learning solutions contain all the assets you need to deliver digital transformation leadership courses including teaching materials, e-learning content, marketing materials and sales support to get you up and running without delay.

✓ Industry Validation

Our framework has been successfully implemented in hundreds of organisations worldwide, in both the public and private sector. Our framework and models are taught in leading universities and academic institutions across the globe.

✓ Flexible Learning

We offer a suite of learning resources including recorded lecturer videos, slide decks, practical exercises and learner and tutor guides supporting a variety of delivery methods such as classroom, online or blended.

✓ Return on Investment

By becoming an education partner you will be adding valuable, highly sought after executive education courses to your portfolio and creating new revenue streams, helping transform your organisation.

You like what you see? Great! What’s next?

Step 1

Give us a call, send us a query. Let’s talk it over and see if we’re a good fit for you, your business and your plans.

Step 2

You’re ready to Partner! Time to decide which of our 3 programs fit your business needs.

Step 3

Ready? Ok go! You’ve chosen 1of our tailored programs, let’s get you signed up. Welcome to the team!

Step 4

Let’s get cracking! We’ll get you and your proposition in tip top shape using our tools, methods and collateral to target, pitch and win new business.

Download the brochure to see all the good stuff

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Got questions? Not sure which plan is right for you?
Give us a call: +44 (0)2890 455911

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What’s so special about our way of consulting? We hear you ask…

Don’t worry, we’re not using spyware or reading your mind, we’ve come across our fair share of jibber jabber too.

We use data like no one else does and we can help you to do the same.

Our framework uses data to simulate outcomes of new business models. It’s a proper framework with rules and algorithms and inputs that change outputs.

It’s very pretty but it’s not a model, a flowchart or a 5, 7 or 10 step plan. Models, checklists and sequences are subjective, they lack predictive power and they won’t help you dig deep enough to find that golden nugget of inspiration that will rock your client’s world.

What is a digital transformation framework? Buzzwords are not a framework

When you use our framework, you will be able to immediately understand your client’s business in context and explain it to them in a way that always results in light bulb moments.

You’ll be able to tell them where they are, where they can go and how they can get there – all using empirical evidence.

It’s diagnosis with gravitas!

Imagine being able to tell a client that a smaller competitor is hurtling towards them at an accelerated rate and will soon knock them off their position – and be able to tell them what they can do about it.

Imagine you could see demand that they couldn’t.

Imagine telling them that with a minor pivot they could potentially lead an emerging new field.

Or that they could generate inbound enquiries with an innovation and you have the evidence to prove it.

Ionology - Digital Transformation
All before you even go to your pitch meeting. They’ll think you have a crystal ball.

Clients love it – they get something of value from their very first meeting with you.

You’ll get right to the important stuff. You’ll give them clarity in a fuzzy and noisy world.

Customers want real, concrete, actionable, evidence-based advice.

With a little help from us, you’ll be able to give it to them.

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It’s Time to Win Big!

Used together – Propulsion and the Ionology Frameworks are your winning combination to provide maximum insights and value to your customer.

Ionology Partner Program

Partner Success Story

One of our most successful partnerships started with Leadology. They completed the Ionology Consulting program.

Delegates were trained to consult using our frameworks & methodologies. They returned to their respective market and generated consultancy sales leads they were able to deliver and training leads that we help co-deliver.

We’re now is the second year of a prosperous and long lasting partnership.

Mutaz, Abuhis, Executive Manager, Leadology | Ionology Partner

Mutaz Abuhis, Executive Manager, Leadology

Its a win-win. We love a win-win!


Maybe you have a couple of lingering questions?

Where can I find more information on Ionology?2020-04-03T02:40:13+00:00

Check out ‘The Seven Principles of Digital Business Strategy’, book authored by our CEO, Prof Niall McKeown.
We’ve created one of the world’s most popular YouTube channels on Digital Transformation.
Check out our case studies on digital transformation and AI.

What is the difference between the 3 Programs?2020-04-03T02:42:29+00:00

Please see the comparison table above and download the brochure for more details.

I’ve signed up for the ‘Consult’ program, but would like to move to the ‘Pitch’ program, can I?2020-04-03T02:41:59+00:00

No, the programs move from ‘Pitch’ onto ‘Consult’ to ‘Educate’.

I’ve signed up for the ‘Pitch’ program, but I want to switch up to the ‘Consult’ program, can I?2020-04-03T02:44:41+00:00

You can upgrade to any of our 3 programs whenever you choose. This will trigger a new 12-month term. For example, you’ve signed up to our ‘Pitch’ program, but 3 months in (to your 12-month minimum term) you’re ready to move up to our ‘Consult’ program, once you upgrade – you’ll be in your new partnership program for 12 months.

How long will our partnership agreement last?2020-04-03T02:45:34+00:00

As long as you want! The minimum term is 12 months once you’ve hit go, but we’re hopeful this will be the start of a beautiful partnership and we’ll be partnering way beyond the initial 12 months.

How does the Ionology Digital Transformation Framework work?2020-04-03T02:46:39+00:00

The framework takes an in-depth look at what a business would like to achieve in terms of ambitions and how to create a unique value proposition. It uses data to understand what is happening in the respective marketplace – who are the competitors, how much momentum do they have and how you can create a plan to displace them. It also uses data to establish what the customer demand is and understand if the business is able to attract enough customers with your value proposition. The framework takes into consideration the available resources an organisation has in order to be able to calculate if there is enough resources to achieve the stated ambition. It provides a list of “plays” or pathways the organisation can take from where it currently is to where it wants to be, taking into consideration whether it has capacity, capabilities and innovations to drive the change needed within the organisation. Last is the execution of the organisations new strategy using the all important tactics to be carried out in order to deliver upon the ambition. The framework guides you through the process of gathering the data, calculating the requirements and creating measured outcomes.

Can we just buy the Propulsion software?2020-04-03T02:47:52+00:00

If we just wanted to ‘sell you something’ – we’d say; Yes! However, the challenge comes the moment your client asks a question about the origin of the data, why it matters to them and its meaning. With just the software tool, you have no basis for explanation and you’ll inevitably lose all credibility in the eyes of your client. You need to understand the software platform and how this feeds into the Ionology Frameworks. There’s no point talking about ‘data-driven insights if the consultant doesn’t understand the data! (So no – you can’t just ‘buy the software’).