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How Does It Work?

Digital innovators and industry shapers have a very different digital footprint to those that are simply ‘doing digital’.

  • Enter in your organisation  or department’s URL
  • The engine will examine how innovative the ‘digital world’ perceives your product/service
  • Your ‘As-Is’ state is plotted on the Ionology Digital Transformation Framework

What Will I Learn?

  • This is a measure of how the unfamiliar visitor can perceive your product or service in the digital economy
    • An empirical measurement of your ‘As-Is’ state in the digital economy
    • How innovative your product or service  could be perceived
    • The likely challenges you face in terms of digitally transforming

What Is The Purpose?

  • Digital Transformation is more than simply digitising existing services.  Our research shows that innovators win disproportionately more in the digital economy.
    • This platform measures your ‘digital force’ so you can plot your ‘As-Is’ state
    • Compares that against competitors and how they are performing
    • Gives guidance on how to plan a successful, innovation fuelled ‘To-Be’ state