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Bridging The Gap Between Strategy and Execution

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Move beyond good ideas into a position of delivering constant, strategic innovation that creates change in the organisation and value for your customers.

Go Beyond Design Thinking and Create a

Culture of Digital Innovation

Truly innovative businesses must be prepared to pivot in the face of evidence. This course shows leaders, managers and decision makers how.

Innovation is not the same as being creative or producing good ideas. It requires taught skills in areas of co-collaboration, the creation of data-driven, testable hypothesis and the building of minimal viable products.

A culture of innovation means that a business can innovate rapidly with clear process. Innovations must stem directly from the business strategy. Leaders must provide such guidance and innovators must provide supporting data in an attempt to focus resources.


Digital Innovation – Course Content

Remote Learning and On-Premise Courses Delivered to Your Teams by Industry Experts

Module 1

Getting Strategic Work Done

  • Creating a cultural mindset for digital innovation
  • Identifying customer needs
  • Collaborative innovation
  • Design Thinking and Sprint – the design of products, services and new business models

Module 2

Build | Measure | Learn

  • Strategic intent and core competencies
  • Resources versus agility – How to find the right balance
  • Partners, platforms and technology – influencing your innovation operating model
  • Gate systems and selecting the right idea Resource Analysis

Module 3

Using Data, Wisely

  • Google Analytics, Search Console and AI enabled predective models
  • Qualitative feedback. Getting out of your comfort zone and talking to customers
  • Innovation execution – practical, action-orientated strategies to exploit opportunities and navigate disruption

Customise Your Course

This course can be customised to your specific requirements. This is the process we use to create courses that specifically match your organisational needs.



An assessment of current business strategies, business projects and transformation projects already in progress.



Co-create content for each cohort based on their skills needs and paralleling the strategy of the organisation.



On-premise, remote learning, virtual classroom, live webinars, recorded tutorials and printed materials are all available and can be blended to suit learners.



Engage with the Leaders, Management and Operations personnel to deliver the courses.



Coach leaders ensuring they have sufficient confidence in putting what they have learned into practice.



Embed Ionology software tools to manage and measure the roadmap of change and how it is impacting on the business.

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Every Executive in your organisation can benefit from gaining the ‘digital mindset’. To create a cultural of digital innovation you must start with education. We’ve a solution for the entire enterprise.

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Unlike all other academic courses, our frameworks and practical methodologies are data-driven and AI enabled. We teach the most advanced, purpose-built, data-driven digital transformation framework and AI courses to global leaders across all industry sectors throughout the world.

If you’re looking for an academic accreditation that everyone else can buy, then our courses are not for you.

If you’re looking for widely proven, practical, digital transformation and AI courses, then you’ve come to the right place!

Ionology has convened a Global Industry Certification committee. The committee includes top commercial and government professionals in the world of technology, business consultancy and sales. They are the certification body that ensures the quality of our courses are world class, up-to-date, relevant, practical and unique.

Course Director
Professor Niall McKeown

CEO of Ionology and creator of Ionology’s Digital Transformation Framework, Niall is an award-winning strategy consultant, thought leader and in-demand public speaker on digital transformation and AI with a 20-year track record of delivering game-changing strategies for public and private sector organisations across the world. Niall is a visiting Professor at Ulster University, he lectures for the Møller Institute at the University of Cambridge and regularly for leading academic institutions throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA on the topic of digital transformation and AI. Niall has been commissioned to create strategic and transformative Corporate Plans for FTSE 100 companies and has worked with over 200 organisations worldwide that demand rapid growth in the digital age.

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What Does Your Digital Footprint say about you?

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‘Digital innovators’ are more successful in the digital economy. They have a very distinguished digital footprint as they shape their industry.

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