Data-Driven Decision Making Course

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Create New Business Models Using Data-Driven Insights

Organisations often have more data than they know what to do with. The question is, how do we turn this data into insights; and from insights into actions. 
This course enables business leaders and managers to understand the value of data, the power that can be gained from it, and when applied with emerging technologies, how to use it.

How to Implement Data-Driven Decision Making

The digital economy is powered by data. The future will be AI powered, and data science will be the skillset needed to drive AI. Data science is the means by which we gain new insights to strategic questions.

This course provides non-technical leaders and managers with the knowledge and skills to take advantage of data-enabled decision making.

  • Understand the business capabilities of emerging technology and how to leverage it
  • Familiarise non-technical business leaders with big data terminology
  • Help business leaders identify the value within their own data silos
  • Utilise internal and external data sources to identify commercial opportunities and operational efficiencies

Data-Driven Decision Making – Course Content

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Module 1

Understanding the Power of Data

  • The basics of data analytics and problem-solving using data
  • Key technologies used in finding business insights
  • Predictive modelling and how to identify business opportunities

Module 2

Using Emerging Technology with Strategic Planning

  • Create new business models inspired by emerging technology
  • Identifying the required skills, data and resources
  • Building a ‘next steps’ plan of action

Module 3

Building Real World Models & Visualisations

  • Creating a strategy that is data enabled
  • Building technology to support new data driven business models
  • Visualisation and communication of data-centric decisions

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This course can be customised to your specific requirements. This is the process we use to create courses that specifically match your organisational needs.



An assessment of current business strategies, business projects and transformation projects already in progress.



Co-create content for each cohort based on their skills needs and paralleling the strategy of the organisation.



On-premise, remote learning, virtual classroom, live webinars, recorded tutorials and printed materials are all available and can be blended to suit learners.



Engage with the Leaders, Management and Operations personnel to deliver the courses.



Coach leaders ensuring they have sufficient confidence in putting what they have learned into practice.



Embed Ionology software tools to manage and measure the roadmap of change and how it is impacting on the business.

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Course Director
Professor Niall McKeown

CEO of Ionology and creator of Ionology’s Digital Transformation Framework, Niall is an award-winning strategy consultant, thought leader and in-demand public speaker on digital transformation and AI with a 20-year track record of delivering game-changing strategies for public and private sector organisations across the world. Niall is a visiting Professor at Ulster University, he lectures for the Møller Institute at the University of Cambridge and regularly for leading academic institutions throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA on the topic of digital transformation and AI. Niall has been commissioned to create strategic and transformative Corporate Plans for FTSE 100 companies and has worked with over 200 organisations worldwide that demand rapid growth in the digital age.

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