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Digital Transformation Course for Government

Overhaul government services, reduce cost and improve citizen outcomes. Create a culture of innovation and drive better decisions enriched with data.

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Private Course Customised for Your Department
Delivered Live Online or On-Premise


6 Days for Digital Transformation Team
3 Days For DX participants
1 Day for Senior Leaders


$1,000 per person
Based on 20 attendees for 3 day course
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Proven to create long-term strategic advantage


Business Expert Mentor lead
By highly experienced business transformation professionals


Delivered around the world in multiple languages

Who Is This Program For?

A Private Course for Government Digital Transformation Teams, Participants and 
For Leaders, Managers and Decision Makers.

For Leaders, Managers and Decision Makers (1 day)
Understand the digital mindset, and how to build a digitally innovative government department

For Digital Transformation Participants (3 days)
Gain the digital mindset. Understand the business capabilities of emerging technology. Learn how to build better citizen services and create internal efficiency

For Dedicated Digital Transformation Teams (6 days)
Learn how to build new innovative government services that delight citizens and transform internal departments leveraging emerging technology

*No technical knowledge required for this course

What Makes This Course Different?

Created by Industry for Industry. Delivered by experienced business professionals






• Learn from experienced transformation professionals. Working at local, state and federal level
• 1st hand government case studies, delivering unpolished truth regarding digital transformation
• Immediately implementable. The course is practical and works on your digital transformation
• Integrates with your strategy. We look to understand your strategic requirements before the course
• Follow-up support available. Remote coaching, support and consultancy available

Program Topics

Better Frontline Efficient Services : A Better Place To Work

Digital Mindset ➔  Think and act like a digital winner, ‘because gut instinct is no longer enough’
Digital Roadmapping ➔  Connecting the corporate strategy with digital transformation
In-depth industry case studies ➔  Taught by those that were part of the transformation case study
Data-Driven Frameworks ➔  Say goodbye to outdated analog frameworks. Say hello to data-driven insights
Powerful, intuitive, data platforms ➔  Create data driven decision makers
Building a Business Case for Transformation Using Data ➔  Connect strategy with facts and new insights
Business Capabilities of Emerging Technology ➔  Hands-on AI, Blockchain and IoT experiments
Digital Innovation ➔  Business and technology experts to pave the way for continuous cycles of innovation
Planning Next Steps ➔  Action orientated outcomes

Case Studies

All case studies used in this course come from the direct experiences Ionology and our clients.  We share the highs and the lows,  the challenges and the successes,  the mistakes and the wins.  More importantly we share the expert insight we’ve gained over the years helping public services digitally transform at pace.  Having worked with over 100 government institutions, departments and agencies giving us a wealth of best practice advice which we’ve packed into this course

*We are affiliated with the success of these business cases. We are experienced transformation business experts, not academics

Local | Regional | Federal
Case Studies

Leadership & Strategy
Case Studies

Data-Driven Insights
Case Studies

Innovation & Co-Creation
Case Studies

Prof. Niall McKeown
Course Curator & Owner of Ionology

Program Designer

The Inventor of The World’s Most Advanced Data-Driven Digital Transformation Framework

  • Founder of Ionology (est.1999)
  • Highly experienced international digital transformation consultant
  • Visiting Professor at Ulster University
  • Lectures on behalf of Moller Institute, University of Cambridge
  • Co-Author of The 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy
  • World’s most popular digital transformation YouTube channel

“Mindset, strategy, communications, innovation and data are as important as technology when it comes to digital transformation. The difference between digital winners and the rest is not to be found in the technology alone but a combination of well mapped, data enriched decisions. This course will help you define, design and deliver a successful digital transformation.” Niall McKeown


Very thought provoking course with practical tools. Niall is a very engaging presenter and very passionate about the subject. Excellent course if you really want to help businesses make a step change in their value proposition.

Noel Dillane

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! I just completed a week long training course. I can immediately use all of the information and insights I gained from Ionology. This was a rare, and much valued experience.

Mike Pearl

Fantastic course!
Very coherent and systematic approach for a business digital transformation, while keeping flexibility for onboarding at different stages to best suit each case.
Professor Niall gives excellent insights, he openly offers his wisdom and lots of bibliographic material, his knowledge is backed up by many years of in field experience. I absolutely recommend this course.
Thanks to the Ionology team.
Facundo Lopez

Excellent innovation training. Despite Covid forcing the use of online training, Ionology created an interactive and compelling experience. While it was good to understand some innovation theory, even better was the guided application of it. Well done and thanks!

Phil Haggar

Professor Niall has given us the extract of his great experience in digital transformation, along with his methodological depth and academically supported knowledge, he has a great practical experience in our region.
I deeply thank him, and urge all those looking for a practical approach and real experience in digital transformation to join his distinguished programs.

Asim Mohamed Hassan

The course on Digital Transformation from Ionolgy was outstanding. Having done other courses in this area which focus on documented rigid frameworks and less on solid proven methodology tied to real life approaches to doing consultative transformation at pace. Due to the course being attended by people from all over the world, Niall managed to keep everyone engaged and collaborating on the exercises. The content was so exciting and easy to absorb that I attended some parts in my garden under the sun. Who could ask for more. Great Job! and will defo be recommending this provider to others.
Dean Cooper

Great! 100% recommendable! I will definitely do more courses with you to lead companies to the digital economy on the right path. Thank you, Niall!

Paula Rodríguez

Recently attended the Digital Transformation for consultants course – Prof. Niall McKeown really knows his stuff and presented a comprehensive set of tools and frameworks which will help me set up and create digital transformations for my clients. Well researched, expertly delivered – top marks from me.

Gareth Preston

This course is excellent and really insightful, with excellent tools, frameworks . Niall is a great presenter and lecturer, very professional, engaging and ensured the participants interacted at all times. Thanks to Niall & Team

Tracey Kennedy

An amazing course on digital transformation with an amazing instructor Dr. Niall McKeown.
A practical digital transformation framework with innovation at the heart and guidelines for effective consulting in DX.

Kassem Nasser

As well as excellent knowledge of Digital Transformation and superb course delivery Ionology have followed this up with detailed advice to our business.

An absolutely amazing experience. Thank you Niall and the IONOLOGY team for opening my mind to the true potential of assisting the leaders and decision makers of a business engage in a “Digital Transformation” mindset , strategy and journey.

Rob Cartwright

I have spent many years working within businesses on their Digital Transformations, but the new insights and the overwhelming enthusiasm that Niall brings to the content makes the time on the course fly by.

Every day is a school day when attending this course. Everything presented is backed by theory and insights from recognised experts from the industry and scholarly articles and books.

I came away from each session with both a “headache” (stretched intellectually and emotionally) and incredibly excited about the potential benefits I can leverage for businesses by making use of the suite of tools and techniques offered in this “Consultants Course”.

An absolutely amazing experience. Thank you Niall and the IONOLOGY team for opening my mind to the true potential of assisting the leaders and decision makers of a business engage in a “Digital Transformation” mindset , strategy and journey.

Nathan Jeffery

Extremely engaging, insightful and inspiring course. Exceptionally well facilitated by an expert in digital transformation. Very enjoyable learning experience with tremendous insights.

Sarah Little

Niall gave excellent insight into what Digital Transformation really is and provided us with a framework (The Ionology one of course) to guide us when engaging with our clients on their transformation journey. Lots of practical food for thought, now to put it into action!

Fiona Traynor

Dr. McKeown delivers exceptional value for C-suite executives in understanding Digital Transformation in its true sense and how to approach it with actionable specificity by artfully weaving pragmatic business knowledge, latest technologies and innovation methodologies. I Highly recommend it – Uday Dalvi, CEO,

Uday Dalvi

Just completed the Digital Transformation course. Was really excellent. It has given us the language, tools, techniques and frameworks to understand how to grow our business. The insight we now have is amazing. Well done Niall.

Brendan Ring

Businesses That Have Invested In Ionology Corporate Courses

Certification & Testing

Each participant is awarded a certification of completion.  To achieve a certificate the learner must complete a series of short exams as they progress through the course.

The certificate is added to a blockchain and can be verified as authentic.  As an individual the participant can add the certificate to their LinkedIn profile.

Our automated testing procedures help HR departments identify high-potential employees ranked on their appetite in leadership, strategy, communications, innovation and data understanding.

Additional Learning

In addition to the Leading Digital Transformation Course for Business, we offer further course options that will compliment and develop your learning. Like all our content, these courses are data driven and practical in nature. They are customized to align with your strategic objectives and form the logical next step in your digital transformation journey

The Business
Capabilities of AI

3-Day Course

Innovation In The Digital Economy

3-Day Course

Data Enriched Decision Making

3-Day Course

Strategic Digital Communications

3-Day Course

Digital Transformation Course Questions & Answers

Who in my organisation should take this digital transformation course?2022-01-25T21:14:39+00:00

Leaders, managers and decision makers should take these courses. Remember – digital transformation starts with leadership, if your leaders aren’t interested, neither are we! In our experience everyone that interacts with customers, delivers services and makes decisions in how services are created should take the 3 day option. Those tasked with delivering digital transformation should take the 5 day option.


Can you align the digital transformation course with our company strategy?2022-01-25T21:13:44+00:00

Absolutely. We encourage those attending our courses to have a good grasp of their organisational and departmental strategies. It makes for great discussion points during the course and delivers great value to attendees as the course becomes very relevant to them as individuals. In our experience we find once you’ve completed the course, you take what you’ve learned back to the business and integrate your learnings to build upon and enhance the organisational strategy moving forward.

We don’t have a digital transformation strategy – is now the right time for a course?2022-01-25T21:13:07+00:00

Yes, yes, yes! Here’s a look into the future…in years to come, we won’t even refer to a ‘digital transformation strategy’ – it will simply be known as a ‘strategy’. This course will help you build a strategy that goes beyond the ‘tech’. We help you bridge the gap between technology and business and pave the way for a culture of innovation. We give you the tools and the frameworks to write your own strategy.

What’s the difference between this digital transformation course and those offered by academic institutions?2020-12-21T09:43:27+00:00

The main difference is everything we deliver is as a result of our experience – as we have lived and breathed it with our clients. We write the frameworks those academic institutions teach. As well as digital transformation educators, we’re also practitioners. We have worked with organisations across the globe educating and consulting. We’ve taken businesses who were on the cusp of irrelevance and helped them become innovators and big hitters in the digital economy. When we use case studies during the course – they’re ours! We deliver practical, industry specific teaching, when you want it. Our courses are live and instructor led – for 100% of the duration.

I’m still undecided if this is the right option for my organisation?2022-01-25T21:12:21+00:00

We understand. Firstly, you can check out our YouTube channel, its’s the worlds Number 1. YouTube channel for all things digital transformation. It will give you a good idea of how we deliver, our content etc. Again, you can contact us at and send any queries our way. If you need any further persuasion, check out some of our recent reviews and feedback from companies who’ve taken our courses further up this page.

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