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What is a Digital Leader?


Can any leader declare that they have truly become a digital leader and that their organisation has been fully transformed in the new digital world? The first problem in making such a declaration is that there is no agreement on what being a digital leader means. Even the language around digital transformation is only properly developing now.

What is a Digital Leader?2020-11-19T04:18:17+00:00

Resistance, Resistance, Resistance


Ohm’s Law states that the current passing through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage across the two points, where I is the current, V is the voltage and R is the resistance. Ohm’s Law states that R is a constant, independent of the current. As we fast forward two centuries into the digital age what can we learn from this formula in relation to the new energy force of digital?

Resistance, Resistance, Resistance2019-06-12T01:39:34+00:00

A Rose By Any Other Name


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is often quoted from William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. The reference is often used to imply that the names of things do not reflect what they really are. In the case of Juliet she is saying that she loves her handsome Romeo regardless if his name is Montague. While in Juliet’s case this was positive it is not always positive. A credible name or title can easily be attached to poor quality content.

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Is Digital Transformation a Modern Day Emperor’s New Clothes?


The Emperor’s New Clothes is a short tale written by Danish author Hans Christian Anderson about 2 weavers who promise an Emperor a new suit that they say is invisible to those who are unfit for position, stupid or incompetent. When the emperor parades before his subjects in his new clothes, no one dares to say that they don’t see any suit of clothes on him for fear that they will be seen as “unfit for their positions, stupid or incompetent.” Finally a child cries out “but he isn’t wearing anything at all.”

Is Digital Transformation a Modern Day Emperor’s New Clothes?2019-06-12T01:39:34+00:00
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