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Building an AI Enabled Business

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Transformation for Everyone

Build a Culture of Digital Innovation

Digital Transformation Executive Courses - Transformation for Everyone
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Why Build Your Digital Academy With Us?

An Effective Way To Build Internal Capability within Government & Enterprise

Extensive Portfolio
of World Leading Courses

Build deep in-house digital knowledge and capabilities at leadership, management and operational levels

Digital Ready Leaders Deliver Transformative Results

Leaders must know how to lead a digitally innovative, data-driven company that grasps the capabilities of emerging technologies and understands the impact such technology will have on the people they lead and customers they serve.

These courses deliver practical coaching.

Build Digital Ready Leaders

Build an AI Enabled Organisation

Strategy, Not Technology, Is Where We Create Competitive Advantage

People and a culture of innovation sustain competitive advantage.

Technology and communications are the means by which competitive advantage is delivered.

There are proven, practical, data-driven ways to create an AI enabled, digitally transformed organization. These courses teach you how.

Innovation is More Than Just Good Ideas. It’s a Taught Skill

Innovation is a step on from imagination and creativity. Innovation is a taught skill. Having an abundance of creativity does not mean we will create new competitive advantage.

This course coaches business leaders on how to create an environment where innovation can thrive and guides managers on best practice when innovating. It instructs operations personnel on how to select the right ideas to focus on, what to abandon, and how to deliver.

Create a Culture of Digital Innovation

Data-Driven Decision Making

Data Provides Little Insight in the Absence of Establishing Meaningful Context

It is the role of the leader to identify the challenges to solve. It is the role of the data analyst to make sense of the digital footprints of your customers and competitors. Agile, data-driven businesses accelerate their transformation using evidence and experiments.

These courses and platforms show you how.

Digital Transformation in Action

Examples of those we have helped Digitally Transform

Banking Institution

Government Department

Enterprise Technology Sales

Industry Expertise

Some of the core industries we specialize in

Financial Services

Leadership courses delivered to some of the world’s largest financial institutions and national banks including, JP Morgan, Allianz, Liberty, Ahli United Bank, Samba Bank, Bank of Ireland. Download course brochure


Digital transformation and AI courses delivered to large scale telecom providers throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.


Digital transformation and AI courses and projects delivered inhouse to major luxury car, aircraft manufacturers and engineering specialists.


Selling digital transformation services as an enterprise technology provider requires new skills and tools. We’ve delivered our courses to enterprise-scale providers including Fujitsu, Oracle, IBM, Infosys and EXL. Download course brochure


Digital transformation/AI courses and projects delivered across key departments for Government clients throughout Europe and the Middle East.


Delivered business-wide digital transformation projects in the UK education sector for Teach First and Belfast Met.

‘Digital innovators’ are more successful in the digital economy. They have a very distinguished digital footprint as they shape their industry.

What Does Your Digital Footprint say about you?

Propulsion Form

Businesses are Building In-House Digital Academies

Many of the largest consultancy firms in the world are advising businesses to build ‘digital factories’.

Ionology provides you with everything needed to create an In-House Digital Transformation Academy. We provide all of the course materials in multiple formats, in multiple languages. We coach your trainers and supply all of the necessary supporting platforms and tools.

It is easy to set-up and see instant results.

Trusted by Leaders

Ionology courses are trusted by leaders and managers from global enterprises. We’ve helped them upskill their transformation capabilities and thrive in the digital economy. Join them!

Digital Transformation Consulting

Advanced Career Conversion Course For Business & Technology Consulting Professionals.

Digital Transformation Academy

Build a team of certified in-house digital transformation experts.

Leading Digital Transformation

Empowering enterprise and government executives to build agile, transformed, digitally innovative organizations.

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Add our digital transformation leadership courses to your portfolio and target new revenue streams.