Robots, Cobots and AI Machines

It is nearly impossible to read a magazine or listen to a news report today that fails to mention that we are running, sometimes blindly into a new robot or AI machine age. This new age, at the very least, provides journalists with so much scope to either take a negative or positive slant or to give advice on how to cope in the new age.

But there is increasingly an understanding that this new age is upon us, that it is going to happen this time and with this realisation comes an understanding that the robots, cobots or machines are now ready. We take it for granted that the new machines whether robots working on their own or cobots collaborating with humans will be properly programmed with the right information will work in an environment that facilitates their ability to learn and will be properly maintained with specified downtime and with a maintenance programme which will be minutely followed. There is an understanding that if you don’t do this you will fail to get the best out of your machines.

But What About Humans?

In organisations we somehow expect humans to be able to ‘pick it up’; switch effortlessly and comfortably from analogue to digital/ AI focused roles.

Many organisations haven’t analysed or given serious consideration to how the interaction with robots or cobots, platforms and data will impact either on individuals or their working environment.

Organisations are prepared to invest heavily in new digital technology and yet fail to invest in their most important asset – their people.  In the digital/AI age, developing the digital mindset, especially within the senior management team, has strategic implications for the business in terms of efficiency, performance and competitiveness.

Simply investing in new shiny tech and AI machines and hoping that the human workforce will ‘pick up’ the mindset to exploit its benefits can prove a costly folly; ‘all the gear – but no idea’.

Developing the digital mindset is at the core of modern leadership development courses and training programmes. Learners that have a deeper understanding of how to effectively leverage the ‘digital mindset’ can have a 10x multiplier when it comes to transforming their organisation.

Our field research has shown that organisations that successfully develop the right digital mindset can expect a substantial performance improvement and alignment, compared to those organisations who simply invest in the tech. The maths is easy, it makes sense to invest in your best asset.

Ionology helps leaders create the digital mindset through Digital Transformation courses and Artificial Intelligence Leadership courses.