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Both B2B and B2C companies are growing more rapidly by moving on from just ‘doing digital’ to becoming Digital Businesses. It requires a different way of working, innovating and collaborating and it all starts with a high performance Digital Business Strategy.

At ionology we have invented the worlds most advanced framework, software and senior management development programme to help established companies transform into Digital Businesses.

Together we create the most efficient Digital Business Strategy possible in order to win the maximum amount of new customers, within the limited resources available.

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How We Create High Performance
Digital Business Strategies

Not every business is a ‘lean startup’. For the rest of us, we need a framework that takes account of our people and their experience, supply chain, products and services, brand equity, market position and many other assets. That framework is the 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy.

Development for Senior Managers

Digital Businesses win more customers than businesses that ‘do digital’. They blur the lines between the physical and digital world. They have a different way of thinking, a different kind of culture and they need trained leaders to make sure digital permeates the entire company.

You don’t need to be technical to transform a business from one that ‘does digital’ into a successful Digital Business and every business can be transformed.

A successful Digital Business requires informed leaders, business alignment, the right digital DNA, managed innovation with constant evaluation and education.

We have created a set of online training courses designed specifically for Senior Managers that want to deal with digital business transformation.

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Delivering a Digital Business strategy needs technology, planning and measurement. Together we collaborate using the Direction strategy management platform to construct, plan and measure your strategic outcomes.


Ideas management software that drives innovation.  Innovation makes marketing easy and differentiates you from competitors.  Propulsion supports closed, collaborative and open innovation.


Digital Business Transformation usually requires new business processes created as a result of the digital business strategy. Ovation is a simple to use BPM tool for creating and sharing new business processes.


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