Ionology have created a framework
that makes the overwhelming task of
Digital Transformation simple.

Digital Transformation has become a buzzword in the past year but at Ionology we’ve been working with businesses for the past six years implementing digital into their business strategy to create change in their business.

We guide them through digital transformation to help them stay relevant in this highly connected world, to reach new customers and enter new markets at a lower cost that arming up sales reps in particular territories.


ovationicon Digital Business Transformation usually requires new business processes created as a result of the digital business strategy. Our Platfrom is a simple to use BPM tool for creating and sharing new business processes.

direction Delivering a Digital Business strategy needs technology, planning and measurement. Together we collaborate using our strategy management platform to construct, plan and measure your strategic outcomes.

Ideas management software that drives innovation.  Ionology makes marketing easy and differentiates you from competitors.  It supports closed, collaborative and open innovation.


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