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What are the building blocks of Digital Transformation?


Creating Digital Transformation involves these 5 organisational building blocks: Digital business strategy & culture Staff and customer engagement Processes and innovation Technology Data and Analytics. Neglecting any one of these has certain consequences. If we detect any of these symptoms in our organisations we can diagnose which areas of the business still need some attention.

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Is Digital Transformation positive for our people and our teams?


Does digital transformation have a positive impact on our people? What measures or outcomes would we look for and how much does it matter? Motivation is a great place to start. How willing are we to get up and go to work each day? How much satisfaction do we derive from our jobs? It matters because work gives us an opportunity to do something we're good at and be rewarded for it. What could be better for morale than that? As it happens, that there is a great deal of synergy between human drive and the drivers of digital transformation. Digital transformation simultaneously boosts motivation whilst eliminating the things that cause us frustration and disengagement.

Is Digital Transformation positive for our people and our teams?2019-06-12T01:39:33+00:00

What are the top 5 Myths of Digital Transformation?


Myths serve many purposes; one of which is to explain the phenomena we observe in our environment. Digital Transformation myths have arisen in exactly the same way – from observing digitally successful businesses and attributing their success to a particular cause. In these instances however, that cause has been misdiagnosed. These are the 5 main Digital Transformation myths: 1. Improving IT is digital transformation 2. Improving operations is digital transformation

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