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Learn how to use the world’s most practical Digital Transformation Framework


Leaders use our framework to move rapidly from theory to action. The framework is a practical, structured, evidence-based method of driving effective action in the digital age, integrating leadership, technology and communications.

Digital Transformation Courses

Leadership Development for the Digital Age

For Individuals

Courses for professionals wishing to develop their digital transformation leadership skills and expertise.

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Open classroom courses

For Businesses

Leaders use our digital transformation framework to collaborate, simulate outcomes and use data to develop the most effective plan of action to create sustainable competitive advantage. Adopt our methodology in your organisation to become a true digital innovator.

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For Education Partners

Add our programmes to your digital leadership courses to extend your portfolio, create more action-oriented, practical, courses and develop more confident and effective leaders.

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What’s Covered


Leading Transformation
Debunk the common myths about digital transformation


Digital Transformation Frameworks
Learn how to apply the world’s most practical digital transformation method


Data Driven Decision Making
Knowing what data to look for, where to find it and how to use it


Digital Transformation Case Studies
How businesses used our method to digitally transform


Innovation & Technology
Understand the role technology and agile innovation play in digital transformation


Guiding Your Own Digital Transformation
Planning and measuring teams, insights, actions and outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Just some of the questions answered on our courses

What is digital transformation and why do we need to change?Where do we start with digital transformation?
Why do we need a digital transformation roadmap?What is digital disruption?
How is today's world affecting our existing products and services?What is a digital transformation framework and how does it operate?
What is the relationship between leadership, marketing and technology when it comes to digital transformation?What are the biggest myths and mistakes in digital transformation?
How does innovation create clear competitive advantage?How do we diagnose the business opportunity?
How do we calculate the market forces we must overcome?What is our current market position and where can we go?
How do we calculate the resources we need in terms of time, talent and cash?What is the most suitable digital transformation play for our organisation?
How do we calculate the potential customer demand?How do we move to Agile deployment?
How do we execute a digital transformation strategy?What do we need to measure?
How do we create a culture of innovation?How do we make our teams accountable?


  • C-Suite leaders wanting to understand digital transformation from a strategic business perspective
  • Technology leaders wanting to understand and deliver the business benefits of digital transformation
  • Marketing leaders wanting to better understand how to articulate new value propositions in the digital economy
  • Business Consultancies wanting to offer digital transformation services to their clients
  • Technology Companies that want to offer business problem solving before technology delivery
  • Creative/Digital Agencies that want to offer a business led digital transformation solution


What Our Participants Say

“Excellent! Expert driven content, strong case studies, interactive, energetic, informative and well presented”
Anthony McCauley

Fujitsu, Ireland

“Degree of interaction and quality of delivery; excellent!

Case studies were appropriate and relevant to actual challenges faced in the workplace.”

Paul Jackson

Derry & Strabane District Council

“Very practical – Niall was very interactive and invited discussion.

Case studies helped paint a picture of the methodology put into practice”

Richard Bowden

ARUP, Ireland

Courses for Individuals

Introductory Online Digital Transformation Course

1 Hour Online Video Training Course


Advanced Online Digital Transformation Course

4.5 Hour Online Video Training Course

£495/ $650 USD / €595 per participant

Open Classroom Digital Transformation Courses

1 Day Course hosted in various cities across the globe

From £495/ $595 USD/ €550 per participant

Courses for Businesses

Custom In-House Digital Transformation Courses

1, 3 or 5 Day on-premise courses tailored to your industry

Group size 10-25 people.

Digital Transformation Programme for Partners

5 Day Programme supporting organisations to deliver digital transformation services to existing and prospective clients

For Education Partners

Digital Transformation Leadership Development Courses for Education Partners

Deliver digital leadership courses based on Ionology Framework and models.

Digital Transformation Course Facilitators

Prof. Niall McKeown

Prof. Niall McKeown

CEO of Ionology and creator of Ionology’s Digital Transformation frameworks and delivery system, Niall is considered a leading digital transformation thought leader. He is a visiting Professor at Ulster University and lectures regularly throughout Europe and the USA on the topic of digital transformation as well as conducting digital transformation workshops for business leaders. Niall is also the co-author of the forthcoming book The 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy, commissioned by Babson College, the number one college for entrepreneurship in the US, and will be used as a curriculum text in 2017.

John Briggs

John Briggs

As well as having extensive leadership experience, digital transformation experience and a deep knowledge of corporate governance, John is also an internationally qualified Learning and Management coach. His speciality is helping senior executives understand and navigate the cultural changes they encounter and helping change the mindset and habits within a department, business unit or entire organisation.

Seth Erickson

Seth Erickson

As an award winning Creative Director and technologist, Seth has helped numerous organisations such as Verizon, Warner Brothers, Adidas, and Redbox work on their customer experience projects, as well as strategic and tactical initiatives over the last 12 years.  Most recently Seth has been guiding organisations through their Digital Transformation journey using Ionology’s frameworks, models and processes.

Judith Scott

Judith Scott

With an MSc in Occupational and Organisational Psychology, Judith has worked in management, training and marketing roles for organisations of various sizes both in the UK and internationally. Judith came to the world of digital transformation after experiencing firsthand what happens when you don’t and has been committed to helping other organisations to transform ever since.