The starting point for any digital transformation project is with strategy and with strategy.  We have to use the 7 Principles of Digital Transformation Framework, developed by Ionology. It is academically peer-reviewed and taught in many leading universities. Out of the framework; you can start with any of the first 6. #1 Know yourself, #2 Know your customer, #3 Know your market place, #4 Know your resources, #5 Where are you now?, #6 Where do you want to go?  #7 is Creating your Strategic POA. Most people feel more comfortable starting with where they are now and where they want to go. But it is equally as valid to start with “Know Yourself”, a diagnosis of the situation and articulate your unique VP going forward. Strategy is not written in a linear sense, as we get more data and we start to query the process, our value proposition can change, our ambitions can change, until we reach the time where we are content with our chosen play or pathway. The advice which we would offer is to start at number one “know yourself” and truly diagnose the current situation as to “why we need change” or start with number 5 which is “where are we now” as both are similar inward reflections of your organisation.