Leadership skills are typically needed – best suited for leaders and decision makers who can ask the right searching questions when trying to diagnose the situation and can lead organisations through change. These individuals will also have the ability to remove the ‘noise’ from the conversation and understand the strategic imperatives. The challenge with many organisations that have undertaken this in-house, is that they can quickly get swamped, resorting back to tactical, non-strategic actions that run and drive day-to-day business; talking about their internal capabilities and desires as opposed to the strategic way ahead.

It is strongly advised that you attain an external person/resource, free from corporate baggage, who can ask questions and keep the conversations strictly strategic and in line with the framework, to prevent people from drifting into anecdotal hearsay about why they should or shouldn’t be performing particular tasks. The preference is external, but this is not to say it cannot be done by an impartial leader who can make pragmatic decisions.