The framework takes an in-depth look at what a business would like to achieve in terms of ambitions and how to create a unique value proposition. It uses data to understand what is happening in the respective marketplace – who are the competitors, how much momentum do they have and how you can create a plan to displace them.

It also uses data to establish what the customer demand is and understand if the business is able to attract enough customers with your value proposition. The framework takes into consideration the available resources an organisation has in order to be able to calculate if there is enough resources to achieve the stated ambition. It provides a list of “plays” or pathways the organisation can take from where it currently is to where it wants to be, taking into consideration whether it has capacity, capabilities and innovations to drive the change needed within the organisation.

Last is the execution of the organisations new strategy using the all important tactics to be carried out in order to deliver upon the ambition. The framework guides you through the process of gathering the data, calculating the requirements and creating measured outcomes.