“Digital Transformation – The Endgame” …it sounds like a Hollywood movie, perhaps “DT Armageddon” or “DT The Final Frontier” could be other titles. Digital Transformation however, while it is not a epic movie, is an energy force that is now as much a requirement on all organisations as was the uptake of electricity over 100 years ago. As an energy force, it will always be present and will always need managed.

There is an endgame or at least life changing moment in the lifecycle of all organisations when confronted with a new energy force which appears to have a life of its own. Digital Transformation addresses this moment, and it will either be done by you or it will be done to you.

In the Public sector if Digital Transformation is done by you your organisation will maximise the benefits of the digital age for your stakeholders. If it is done to you – by direction to follow any Council, any Health dept. or any Education dept. model deemed to be “best practice” it will be Digital Transformation by numbers with little or no benefit for your organisation or people you serve.

In the commercial sector, Digital Transformation will either be done by you or there’s a strong chance you could go out of business. This happens to some industries and organisations faster than it does to others, and to some slower than others depending upon your sector. The competitive advantage gained through Digitally Transforming your organisation will be game changing.

It’s a scary topic, Digital Transformation, and a vast one with many ideas, definitions and unanswered questions. For this reason, we’ve developed a strategic framework which allows organisations to make step change through the process of digitally transforming their organisation. You can access our free Digital Transformation course here to learn more about our framework, or give us a call to find out about our new Digital Transformation Leadership Programme.