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What is Wrong with Most Digital Transformation Strategies?


Most digital transformation strategies are neither strategic nor transformational. Michael Porter, the famous Harvard Strategy Professor said "If we're satisfied with vague strengths and weakness lists, we're not thinking very clearly about strategy". "There's a distinction between operational effectiveness and strategic positioning". "Should we be on the cloud or have our own servers? That's an operational effectiveness question.  What we understand is that operational effectiveness is not strategy".

What is Wrong with Most Digital Transformation Strategies?2020-03-11T12:58:55+00:00

Digital Transformation Roadmap


Digital Transformation can create uncertainty within any organisation. It is an enormous and complex task to undertake and without a clear pathway, success cannot be guaranteed. In today's 10 Minute Webinar, we'll be discussing our Digital Quadrant, which sets out the strategic plays as the roadmap to successful Digital Transformation for any organisation, in any industry.

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