Leading Digital Transformation Courses for Government & Enterprise

Leading Digital Transformation Courses for Government & Enterprise

Executive Courses Taught by Industry Experts, Delivered On-Premise, Remote Learning or Blended

Empowering Leaders and Managers to build agile, transformed, digitally innovative organisations. Customisable courses for organizations that want to learn the most efficient way to create the ‘digital mindset’, plan using data, and innovate like ‘Apple’


Building the Digital Mindset, Planning and Delivery Capabilities Across Your Organisation

Digital transformation is the deliberate, strategic repositioning of one’s business in the digital economy. This course will help you create a culture of perpetual innovation right across your organisation, bridging the gap between business leadership and technology implementation.

At Ionology, we bridge the gap between technology and business strategy

Education For Every Level

Foundation courses
Business impact by emerging tech
Short burst courses
Built by leaders for leaders
Delivered in-person by Professors

Management-specific courses
Build expert digital ready teams
Identify innovation opportunities
Leverage emerging technology
Low technical knowledge needed

Foundation-to-expert courses
Certified at every level
Build autonomy and mastery
Deliver measurable change
Build entrepreneurship

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Digital Transformation Executive Courses - Transformation for Everyone

Course Options

Course 1

The Digital Mindset

Suitable for all employees

  • What is digital transformation?
  • Myths, missteps and hype to avoid
  • What does it take to truly digitally transform?
  • Disruptive, sustaining, collaborative & open innovation
  • How digital innovators think

Course 2

Mindset & Planning

Best suited for managers & leaders

  • Encapsulates all aspects of the ’Digital Mindset’ course
  • Analyse your business from both an operational and customer’s perspective
  • Transformation operating models
  • Using data to plot your digital transformation journey
  • Measurement, analytics and KPI creation

Course 3

Transformative Innovation

For managers leading transformation

  • Builds on Digital Mindset and Planning course content
  • Prioritise projects and resources using a proven framework
  • Design Thinking / Sprints / Agile / Lean
  • Test new value propositions
  • Lead with evidence
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Build Your In-House Capabilities with our Industry Expert Led Courses

Customise Your Course

This course can be delivered ‘off the shelf’ or customised to your industry or specific requirements. This is the process we use to create courses that specifically match your organisational needs.



An assessment of current business strategies, business projects and transformation projects already in progress.



Co-create content for each cohort based on their skills requirements and align to strategic needs of the organisation.



On-premise, remote learning, virtual classroom, live webinars, recorded tutorials and printed materials are all available and can be blended to suit learners.



Engage with the Leaders, Management and Operations personnel to deliver the courses.



Coach leaders ensuring they have sufficient confidence in putting what they have learned into practice.



Embed Ionology software tools to manage and measure the roadmap of change and how it is impacting on the business.

Delivered On Premise, Worldwide To Hundreds of Enterprise and Government Leaders & Managers

  • Case studies come from direct experience
  • Curriculum validated by Global Industry Advisory Council
  • World’s most advanced digital transformation framework
  • Book on framework commissioned and edited by Babson College

We’re not like academic institutions. Our experience and case studies come from working directly with enterprise clients and Governments on their transformation projects.

Prof. Niall McKeown, Course Curator & Owner of Ionology

Digital Transformation in Action

Examples of those we have helped Digitally Transform

Banking Institution

View Case Study

Government Department

View Case Study

Enterprise Technology Sales

View Case Study

Enhance Decision Making, Measurement & Insight

We don’t use silly acronyms that spell out the things you already know. We use data, AI, and predictive modelling to tell you the things you don’t. This is digital transformation after all.

Our peer-reviewed, published, purpose-built digital transformation framework uses live data to help you define where you are now and support executive decision making on your transformation journey.

Our courses will give you access to some of the most powerful AI enabled decision-assisting leadership tools that will aid your digital transformation road mapping.

Questions Answered in Our Digital Transformation Courses

Why does leadership, not technology, create new competitive advantage?
What should a digital transformation roadmap entail?
How do I leverage AI and emerging technologies to create competitive advantage?
What is the best digital transformation play for our organisation?
How does innovation create clear competitive advantage?
How do we calculate the market forces we must overcome?
How do we calculate the resources we need in terms of time, talent and cash?
How do we calculate the potential customer demand?
How do we execute a digital transformation strategy?
How do we create a culture of innovation?

What is the non-technical leaders/managers role in digital transformation?
If we’re going to undergo digital transformation, shouldn’t we define what the term means?
How do we bring together leadership, marketing and IT to deliver transformation?
What are the biggest myths and mistakes in digital transformation?
How do I find opportunities to create step change?
What is our current market position and where can we go?
How do we evaluate projects, new business models or new products and services?
How do we move to Agile deployment?
What do we need to measure and how do we do it?
What is a digital transformation framework and how does it operate?

Sample Digital Transformation Course Content

Course Director
Professor Niall McKeown

CEO of Ionology and creator of Ionology’s Digital Transformation Framework, Niall is an award-winning strategy consultant, thought leader and in-demand public speaker on digital transformation and AI with a 20-year track record of delivering game-changing strategies for public and private sector organisations across the world. Niall is a visiting Professor at Ulster University, he lectures for the Møller Institute at the University of Cambridge and regularly for leading academic institutions throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA on the topic of digital transformation and AI. Niall has been commissioned to create strategic and transformative Corporate Plans for FTSE 100 companies and has worked with over 200 organisations worldwide that demand rapid growth in the digital age.

Industry Validated Certification

Unlike all other academic courses, our frameworks and practical methodologies are data-driven and AI enabled. We teach the most advanced, purpose-built, data-driven digital transformation framework and AI courses to global leaders across all industry sectors throughout the world.

If you’re looking for an academic accreditation that everyone else can buy, then our courses are not for you.

If you’re looking for widely proven, practical, digital transformation and AI courses, then you’ve come to the right place!

Ionology has convened a Global Industry Certification committee. The committee includes top commercial and government professionals in the world of technology, business consultancy and sales. They are the certification body that ensures the quality of our courses are world class, up-to-date, relevant, practical and unique.

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What Does Your Digital Footprint say about you?

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‘Digital innovators’ are more successful in the digital economy. They have a very distinguished digital footprint as they shape their industry.

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