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Digital Transformation for Leaders and Managers

Building an AI Enabled Business

Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Practical Analytics and Data Visualisation

Digital Marketing and User Experience

Cyber Security

Transformation for Everyone

Create a Culture of Digital Innovation

  • Foundation courses
  • Non-technical
  • Business impact by emerging tech
  • Short burst courses
  • Built by leaders for leaders
  • Delivered in-person by Professors
  • Management-specific courses
  • Build expert digital ready teams
  • Identify innovation opportunities
  • Leverage emerging technology
  • Low technical knowledge needed
  • Delivered online & in-person
  • Foundation-to-expert courses
  • Certified at every level
  • Build autonomy and mastery
  • Deliver measurable change
  • Build entrepreneurship
  • Delivered online – supported by real experts

Why Build Your Digital Academy With Us?

An Effective Way To Build Internal Capability within Government & Enterprise

Built By Industry

The content is made by business professionals, not academics


We focus on practicality and early wins 

Classroom or Online

Integrates right into existing practices. Classroom, blended and online

Job Relevant

All case studies have used the taught methods


Customisable by your L&D team

Non-Techie Friendly

Many of the courses require no prior technical knowledge

Hand Delivered

If required, we go on-site to train your trainers

Tooled Up

Comes with optional complementary software platforms


Attain recognisable certifications

In-Depth Portfolio
of World Leading Courses

Build deep in-house digital knowledge and capabilities at leadership, management and operational levels

Digital Ready Leaders Deliver Transformative Results

Leaders must know how to lead a digitally innovative, data-driven company that grasps the capabilities of emerging technologies and understands the impact such technology will have on the people they lead and customers they serve.

These courses deliver practical coaching.

Build Digital Ready Leaders

Enterprise Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Strategy, Not Technology, Is Where We Create Competitive Advantage

People and a culture of innovation sustain that competitive advantage.

Technology and communications is the means by which competitive advantage is delivered.

There are proven, practical, data-driven ways to create an AI enabled, digitally transformed organization. These courses teach you how.

Innovation is More Than Just Good Ideas. It’s a Taught Skill

Innovation is a step on from imagination and creativity. Innovation is a taught skill. Having an abundance of creativity in a room does not mean we will create new competitive advantage.

This course coaches business leaders on how to create an environment where innovation can thrive. The course guides managers on best practice when innovating. It instructs operations on how select the right ideas to focus upon, what to abandon, and how to deliver.

Digital Transformation Teams

Advanced Analytics & AI Teams

Data Provides Little Insight in the Absence of Establishing a Meaningful Context

It is the role of the leader to provide the right question. It is the role of the data analyst to make sense of the digital footprints of your customers and competitors. Agile, data-driven businesses accelerate their transformation using evidence and experiments.

These courses and platforms show you how.

Build Marketing Capability & Win More Business

Internal and external stakeholders default to digital means to research, select and communicate. Being able to win their attention and communicate a clear value proposition requires a specialist skillset.

A range of courses provides these skills and are delivered in partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute.

Digital Marketing Teams



This course is split in two parts. The first part is for all staff to understand the importance of data privacy, network security and digital fraud. The second course is for technical professionals that want to upgrade their skills on IT security.

Businesses are Building In-House Digital Academies

Many of the largest consultancy firms in the world are advising businesses to build ‘digital factories’.

Ionology provides you with everything needed to create an In-House digital University. We provide all of the course materials in multiple formats. We coach your trainers as well as supply all of the necessary supporting platforms and tools.

It is easy to set-up and see instant results.

AI Leadership Course 

Prepare your Business for Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Academy

Build a team of certified in-house digital transformation experts.

Leading Digital Transformation

Empowering leaders to build agile, transformed, digitally innovative organisations.

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Advanced Digital Transformation Course for Management Consultants