In-House Digital Transformation Leadership Development Courses

Transform your organisation using the world’s most practical digital transformation framework

Course Details

Why Ionology?
Because we have the most practical method of achieving the change your organisation needs and desires in this rapidly changing, technology-enabled digital world. Our Digital Transformation Framework is a structured, data-driven business modelling tool that leaders use to deliver new competitive advantage, avoid disruption and become more relevant to the customer.

Flexible Delivery Options
Courses can be delivered on-premise, online or a blend of the two.

Who are these courses for?
C-Suite Executives, high level executives, marketing leaders, technology leaders and senior managers implementing digital transformation.

About Our Digital Transformation Framework
The framework helps leaders to systematically identify the most efficient route that will enable their organisation to achieve their strategic goals, create a plan of action for teams to execute and ensure those outcomes are delivered. The framework is easily implemented which means effective change is rapidly achieved and scalable.

Corporate Courses

1 DAY COURSE – Mindset

Understanding the fundamentals of digital transformation from a leadership perspective.  The syllabus of this course covers what ‘digital’ really is, busting the myths of digital transformation, an overview of the framework and the leadership actions that are required.

3 DAY COURSE: Mindset & Planning

Using a practical, data-driven framework to create a plan of action that drives effective action.

Learn how to calculate the likelihood of success of your transformation projects, the resources required to deliver and the projected return on investment.

5 DAY COURSE: Mindset + Planning + Execution

Understanding digital transformation, how to use the framework to create a roadmap that drives effective action and gaining hands-on experience in the techniques and processes to deliver.

Syllabus includes real-life simulation workshops experimenting with business models, product innovation, data analysis and transformation delivery.

Learning Outcomes

Just some of the questions answered on our courses

What is digital transformation and why do we need to change?Where do we start with digital transformation?
Why do we need a digital transformation roadmap?What is digital disruption?
How is today's world affecting our existing products and services?What is a digital transformation framework and how does it operate?
What is the relationship between leadership, marketing and technology when it comes to digital transformation?What are the biggest myths and mistakes in digital transformation?
How does innovation create clear competitive advantage?How do we diagnose the business opportunity?
How do we calculate the market forces we must overcome?What is our current market position and where can we go?
How do we calculate the resources we need in terms of time, talent and cash?What is the most suitable digital transformation play for our organisation?
How do we calculate the potential customer demand?How do we move to Agile deployment?
How do we execute a digital transformation strategy?What do we need to measure?
How do we create a culture of innovation?How do we make our teams accountable?

What Our Participants Say

“Rarely has any professional training been as impactful in my day-to-day job as that provided by the team at Ionology.  The training was practical and insightful, backed up by understandable real world examples which serve only to underline the validity of Ionology’s approach.
Months later, I still keep the 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy model with me, using it as my default reference when critically assessing initiatives or ideas within our organisation and in discussions concerning Digital Transformation with colleagues and customers.”
Barrie Canning

Novosco, UK

“Great experience, definitely recommendable!  Strategy board was excellent! Plan now to implement the framework, holistic approach, video marketing, analytics and strategy board.”

Mark Steinkamp

M8 International, Berlin


The Ionology Certification of Completion – Leadership in the Digital Age (1 and 3 day course) and Diploma in Digital Transformation Leadership (5 day Course) are widely recognised as the most practical digital transformation leadership qualifications available.

• Ionology certification available
• Leadership Certificate (1 or 3 day courses)
• Diploma (5 day course + assessment).

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