Empowering leaders to build agile, competitive, digitally innovative
organisations that attract more customers and the best talent.

A Practical, Action-Oriented Course for Executives, Regardless of Technical Ability


True transformation is strategy-pulled rather than technology-pushed. Understand transformation in the context of your marketplace and your organisation, gain clarity around the drivers of successful transformation and adopt the mindset and methods to start implementing successful change now using our data-driven digital transformation framework.


Understanding the fundamentals of digital transformation from a leadership perspective. We look at how digital innovators outpace those ‘doing digital’ and examine how data and digital transformation frameworks can enhance decision-making and communication.

Available formats:
Online or Classroom


Using a practical, data-driven framework to create a proven, effective plan of action. Learn how to identify, validate and quantify opportunities that create step change and win new competitive advantage for the organisation.

Available formats
Online or On-premise


Understanding digital transformation, how to use the framework to create a roadmap that drives effective action and gaining hands-on experience with innovation processes and techniques to deliver.

Available formats
On-Premise only

What will you learn on this course?

Some of the questions you’ll be able to answer after taking a course

What is true digital transformation and why does it matter?
What is the mindset of a 'digital innovator'?
What is the leader's role in digital transformation?
How do I manage 'random acts of digital'?
How do I create a more competitive organisation?
What are the biggest challenges we face?
Why shouldn't our technology or marketing departments lead our transformation?
What organisations have been really successful in transforming?
What action do I need to take and when?
How do we open new markets?
How do I improve operational efficiency?
How do I evaluate new projects, opportunities, products and services?
How do I extract business value from technology?
How do I create a more agile workforce?
What is Agile experimentation and how do I implement it?
How do we leverage AI and emerging technologies to create competitive advantage?
What is a 'digital leader'?
How do I create a culture of innovation?
How do we improve our customer experience and what impact might it make?
How do I use the Ionology digital transformation framework?OverviewDetailedHands on
Using digital transformation software roadmapping toolsDemoHands on
Create your own digital transformation roadmapBasicAdvanced
How do we need to change our marketing tactics?OverviewDetailed
What do I need to know about new technologies?OverviewUse CasesHands on
Inspirational case studies61220+
Customised for your industry
Mentoring support after the course*
1 year access to e-learning courses**
Software tools***

Getting Started


Online modules (mindset and planning) can be taken as an individual or as an organisation. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to sign up.


We can deliver this course on your premises for groups. You can download the brochure to see all our corporate courses or drop us a line to discuss your requirements.


Course participants are leading global enterprises to greater success

“Rarely has any professional training been as impactful in my day-to-day job as that provided by the team at Ionology.  The training was practical and insightful, backed up by understandable real world examples which serve only to underline the validity of Ionology’s approach.
Months later, I still keep the 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy model with me, using it as my default reference when critically assessing initiatives or ideas within our organisation and in discussions concerning Digital Transformation with colleagues and customers.”
Barrie Canning

Novosco, UK

“Great experience, definitely recommendable!  Strategy board was excellent! Plan now to implement the framework, holistic approach, video marketing, analytics and strategy board.”

Mark Steinkamp

M8 International, Berlin

Course Lecturers

Meet the team of experts who will be teaching the course

Prof. Niall McKeown

Prof. Niall McKeown

CEO of Ionology

Founder of Ionology and creator of Ionology’s digital transformation frameworks, Niall is a visiting professor at Ulster University. He is also the co-author of the book The 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy.

John Briggs

John Briggs

Head of Coaching, Ionology

John is an internationally qualified Learning and Management coach. His speciality is helping senior executives understand and navigate the cultural changes they encounter and helping change the mindset and habits within a department, business unit or entire organisation.

Gary Armstrong

Gary Armstrong

Chief Innovation Officer, Ionology

A highly experienced technology infrastructure specialist, Gary helps business leaders understand the impact of emerging technologies on their business, the opportunities for disruption and how these new methods of working change the decision making process of business leaders.

Seth Erickson

Seth Erickson

MD of Ionology USA

As an award winning Creative Director and technologist, Seth has helped numerous organisations such as Verizon, Warner Brothers, Adidas, and Redbox work on their customer experience projects.  He now guides organisations through their Digital Transformation journey using Ionology’s frameworks, models and processes.

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