A Leader’s Course on
Artificial Intelligence

Delivered On-Premise
Strategic Executives – Leverage The Power of AI

This is not an IT course – this is a leadership course
The course coaches leaders in how to create new and sustaining competitive advantage
in the digital economy leveraging AI and how it will fundamentally change operations.


AI is radically different to all other emerging technologies. It has the power to massively change how an organisation functions and competes. Its true value can only be unleashed when the leadership gives strong direction on how to leverage this opportunity. AI won’t replace business leaders, but business leaders who understand AI will replace those that don’t.


If you keep hearing about AI from a technical perspective you’re missing the point. It’s only of value when the leadership ask the right questions that stimulate innovation and radical change. This course will stimulate your thinking in the right direction giving you the clarity and confidence to take the next steps.


Understanding AI from a leader’s perspective and the practical, data-driven methods to identify and quantify opportunities that leverage artificial intelligence to create competitive advantage and radically change how your business operates.


Understanding how to extract business value from AI, using data to find opportunities that leverages it and practical workshops to explore and experiment with how these can be used in new, innovative ways.

What will you learn on this course?

Some of the questions you’ll be able to answer after taking a course

What is AI?
What do I need to know about AI as a non-technical business leader?
AI examples and how it will change business
How could AI impact on my business - both negatively and positively?
How can we leverage AI to create competitive advantage?
What are the limitations of AI from a leader's perspective?
How can AI create operational efficiency?
How is AI changing my competitive landscape?
Practical - Making an AI
Is there a risk to implementing AI?
How do I evaluate AI initiatives and the impact they could have on my business?
Who should be responsible for AI projects?
What kind of training or skills do people need for successful AI projects?
Is AI just a part of our transformation or is it a separate entity?
What do I need to know about data, training and algorithms as a non-technician?
What effect could AI have on our business processes?OverviewDetailedPractical
Practical - using AI to innovate our products and servicesOverviewPracticalPractical
How do I know if I have the data for AI to be beneficial to me?
How do I set up an AI experiment?
AI case studies2610
What processes do we need to implement to manage innovations around AI?
What is the best way to plan our transformation using AI?OverviewDetailedPractical

Getting Started


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Prof. Niall McKeown explains how AI is changing our industries. Are you prepared for this change?

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Course Lecturers

Meet the team of experts who will be teaching the course

Prof. Niall McKeown

Prof. Niall McKeown

CEO of Ionology

Founder of Ionology and creator of Ionology’s digital transformation frameworks, Niall is a visiting professor at Ulster University. He is also the co-author of the book The 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy.

John Briggs

John Briggs

Head of Coaching, Ionology

John is an internationally qualified Learning and Management coach. His speciality is helping senior executives understand and navigate the cultural changes they encounter and helping change the mindset and habits within a department, business unit or entire organisation.

Gary Armstrong

Gary Armstrong

Chief Innovation Officer, Ionology

A highly experienced technology infrastructure specialist, Gary helps business leaders understand the impact of emerging technologies on their business, the opportunities for disruption and how these new methods of working change the decision making process of business leaders.

Seth Erickson

Seth Erickson

MD of Ionology USA

As an award winning Creative Director and technologist, Seth has helped numerous organisations such as Verizon, Warner Brothers, Adidas, and Redbox work on their customer experience projects.  He now guides organisations through their Digital Transformation journey using Ionology’s frameworks, models and processes.

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