In-House Digital Transformation Leadership Development Course

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Who is this course for? C-Suite Executives, high level executives, Marketing leaders, Technology leaders and senior managers implementing Digital Transformation.

What is the aim of the In-house courses? Provide C-Suite and management teams with the in-depth knowledge and practical skills to successfully implement a Digital Transformation plan for their organisation.

Technical Understanding Needed for 2.5 day course: – Basic understanding of Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation and Google Analytics

Technical Understanding Needed for 4.5 day course: – Advanced understanding of the business and the market it’s currently in and commercial opportunities that may exist. Understanding of how to create and publish content online. Basic understanding of data security.

Leadership Experience Required for 4 day course: – The outcome we’re seeking is to create an effective digital transformation plan for the business. In essence we’re planning how the business will be positioned within the marketplace in the future. Big decisions will be made, someone in authority and able to make strategic decisions should be present.

Digital Transformation Case Studies: 20+

In-House Training

In-House Digital Transformation Leadership Development Course

This course will arm you and your team with all of the tools, processes and calculations necessary to create the most effective Digital Transformation playbook for your organisation.

Course Length: 0.5 days for C-Suite, 2 days for Digital Transformation team

In-House Digital Transformation Leadership Development Course & Consultancy

Not only will you and your team have an understanding of Ionology’s Digital Transformation frameworks and models but you will be able to apply that knowledge to produce a Digital Transformation plan that aids the business, differentiates it in the digital marketplace and creates sustainable competitive advantage.

Course Length: 0.5 days for C-Suite, 4 days for Digital Transformation team

What’s the difference?

 2 Day Course4 Day Course
C-Suite Digital Transformation Overview
Understanding the role Executive Leaders play in the digital transformation process xx
Digital Transformation Leadership Development
What is Digital Transformation?xx
What are the biggest mistakes leaders make when planning digital transformation?xx
What is a Digital Transformation framework?xx
How do we diagnose the business opportunity?xx
How do we calculate potential customer demand?xx
What are good examples of business that use data driven decision making?xx
How do we calculate market forces that must be overcome?xx
Do we have the right business model to confront the newly identified business opportunity?x
What is the most suitable digital transformation playbook for our business?xx
Who else has selected a similar play that matches ours and how did they succeed? xx
What other case studies would help us understand the implications of our digital transformation play?xx
Can we run a simulation of how this playbook is likely to work if rolled out in our business?x
What are the biggest leap of faith assumptions we’ve made and how do we test them?xx
What is our plan of action?xx
How do we calculate the required resources in terms of time, talent and cash requirements?xx
How do we create a ‘culture of innovation’?xx
How do we measure if the playbook is working - how should our attribution model and analytics profile change?xx
How do we execute a digital transformation strategy?xx
How is all of this controlled using Direction software?xx
Practical Innovation Implementation
Who should be involved in creating innovations that service the needs of the digital transformation playbook?x
What is the best way to create strategically aligned innovations?x
Can we run a simulation progressing the ideas from the previous two days workshop?x
How do we rank ideas and concepts in terms of which we should support and which we should reject?x
How do we test and measure the validity of innovations?x
How do we move from innovation production/testing to actual production?x
Practical Communications, Technology & Data Implementation
What is the best way to create a value proposition that matches our playx
What is the most rapid way of testing the value proposition?x
What metrics should we look at and what should we ignore when making dx
I need to change our website and marketing content, how do we roll this out while maintaining business as usual?x
Should we be using Wearables, 3D Printing, Speech Technology, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain?x
How will the technology rollout affect our service desk?x
How will the technology rollout affect our security?x
What is the pivot point that will allow us to collapse a failed idea without heartache?x

Course Plans & Pricing

Enrol now and learn how to use the world’s most advanced, proven methods to creating a digital transformed innovative organisation.

In-House Digital Transformation Course (2 days)

  • Up to 10 participants £20,000/€25,000/$27,500
  • Up to 20 participants £30,000/€37,500/$40,000
  • Up to 30 participants £40,000/€50,000/$52,500

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In-House Digital Transformation Course & Consultancy (4 days)

  • Up to 10 participants £40,000/€50,000/$52,500
  • Up to 20 participants £60,000/€75,000/$80,000
  • Up to 30 participants £80,000/€100,000/$105,000

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