Is your organisation distracted by digitisation? Many are. In fact, it could almost be described as a modern ‘medical’ condition of organisations – easy to pick up or fall victim to, but one with serious implications. It’s also a condition most don’t realise they are experiencing until it’s too late.

Digitisation, in its early stages can actually feel like the right thing to do because organisations are undertaking so much digital activity, how it could be wrong? It’s a digital world we live in, after all. The digital fashionistas love it and non-technology leaders feel comfortable in the fact they are at least doing something in the digital field.

But like any “condition”, if left untreated digitisation can cause medium to long-term damage both in terms of being distracted from creating a strategy which can withstand if not thrive in the digital age, but also the problems it can cause financially, competitively and culturally.

To clarify, digitisation is what we call making services digital for the sake of it, putting services online, creating e-commerce stores and doing all of this without knowing if it’s the right thing to do, if your customers want that, what your customers want. It’s making products or services digital, without reimagining them or how value can be added.

As with any condition prevention is always better than the cure but in our experience of the digital age, every organisation will go through a period of digitisation before they realise there is a much more transformative process required and that leadership is essential in setting the digital direction of the organisation.

The prevention and cure are actually the same thing – Digital Transformation. Put simply :

– Digitisation costs money and produces little return and very few new outcomes

– Digital Transformation saves money, drives innovation, focuses on people and creates opportunities

What is Digital Transformation?

Transformation is the reimagining of our organisation, Digital is the rapid pace at which the world is changing around us. For a more detailed explanation, here’s a video we made explaining Digital Transformation:

What is Digital Transformation?

Watch this video on YouTube.

Where to start with Digital Transformation?

Don’t go in blind, frantically purchasing technology and creating new websites. Use a structure, a method… a framework! We have a Digital Transformation Framework, and it looks like this:

digital transformation frameworkYou can read more about how it works by reading this blog or visiting our Digital Transformation Framework page.

Why use a Digital Transformation Framework?

 Working within a Digital Transformation Framework means there is what we call a “golden thread” connecting all the activities and linking everything back to the organisation strategy and goals – making it impossible to become distracted by digitisation. It means that your organisation can’t just slip into digital activity which has no impact or return and it produces insights through data to drive your organisation forward, rapidly, effectively and with sustainable competitive advantage.

If you aren’t sure about the current state of your organisations digital activity, take our Digital Gap Analysis – a short test that will produce insight into what you’re doing right and what you could be doing in terms of improvement.

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