Digital Transformation Training Zurich

Open Classroom Training For Senior Executives, Marketing & Technology Leaders

Next course: 21st – 22nd September 2017

Course Details

Who is this course for? Senior Executives, Marketing and Technology leaders who want to learn about Digital Transformation strategy and innovation.

What is the aim of this course? This practical team based training course will help senior managers learn how to apply the World’s default method for Digital Transformation in their organisation.

Technical Understanding Needed: – Basic understanding of Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation and Google Analytics

Leadership Experience Required:Course Length: 2 days

Digital Transformation Case Studies: 10

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course you’ll be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is digital transformation?
  • What is a digital transformation strategy?
  • What are the biggest digital transformation myths?
  • What does it mean to be “doing digital”, a “digital adaptor” or a “digital innovator”?
  • What can happen to businesses that do not digitally transform?
  • What is digital disruption?
  • What is the relationship between strategy, technology, marketing and innovation when it comes to digital transformation?
  • What are the main building blocks of digital transformation?
  • How do digital transformation frameworks operate?
  • How do I create a digital transformation strategy?
    • Know Yourself: How do I create a unique market proposition?
    • Know your Customer: How do I calculate customer volume, task & intent?
    • Know your Marketplace: How do I calculate competitor force?
    • Resources: How do I calculate the required resources to be successful?
  • How can I test different business models?
  • How do we use data to guide our strategic decisions?
  • What do we do if our business leaders don’t like what the data is telling us?
  • How does digital innovation create clear competitive advantage?
  • What are the practical steps to creating a culture of innovation?
  • How do we run Innovation Labs?
  • How do we conclude the strategy and innovation process and move to technology?
  • How do we measure our digital transformation progress?
  • Where is the most important next step I need to take when I return to work?
  • How did Apple digitally transform?

Our Approach

Active Experimentation

Get into real world simulations, reverse engineering successful digital transformation case studies using Ionology’s frameworks. Use real world data to figure out if there’s market opportunity for your ideas and concepts. Calculate the amount of time, leadership talent and cash that needs to be invested before your digital transformation is even started.


Get solid leadership theory in order to speed up your decision making, giving you extra confidence that you’re making the right call.

Shared Experiences

Learn from others, hear their stories of success and failure, and how they handled both.

Digital Transformation Course Facilitators

Professor Niall McKeown

Professor Niall McKeown


CEO of Ionology and creator of Ionology’s Digital Transformation frameworks and delivery system, Niall is considered a leading digital transformation thought leader. He is a visiting Professor at Ulster University and lectures regularly throughout Europe and the USA on the topic of digital transformation as well as conducting digital transformation workshops for business leaders. Niall is also the co-author of the forthcoming book The 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy, commissioned by Babson College, the number one college for entrepreneurship in the US, and will be used as a curriculum text in 2017.

John Briggs

John Briggs


As well as having extensive leadership experience, digital transformation experience and a deep knowledge of corporate governance, John is also an internationally qualified Learning and Management coach. His speciality is helping senior executives understand and navigate the cultural changes they encounter and helping change the mindset and habits within a department, business unit or entire organisation.

Seth Erickson

Seth Erickson


As an award winning Creative Director and technologist, Seth has helped numerous organisations such as Verizon, Warner Brothers, Adidas, and Redbox work on their customer experience projects, as well as strategic and tactical initiatives over the last 12 years.  Most recently Seth has been guiding organisations through their Digital Transformation journey using Ionology’s frameworks, models and processes.

Judith Scott

Judith Scott


With an MSc in Occupational and Organisational Psychology, Judith has worked in management, training and marketing roles for organisations of various sizes both in the UK and internationally. Judith came to the world of digital transformation after experiencing firsthand what happens when you don’t and has been committed to helping other organisations to transform ever since.

Course Plans & Pricing


  • For Senior Executives, Marketing & Technology leaders
  • 2 day intensive leadership development training course
  • 60% active experimentation, 30% theory, 10% shared experiences
  • Supplementary e-learning platform
  • Post-training 1 hour online coaching per organisation
  • Discount for 3+ participants

€1995 per person

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