We believe that we have created a framework that makes the overwhelming task of Digital Transformation simple.

We believe the driving forces for online success are Strategy, Business Alignment, Engagement and Tactical Execution.

Every organisation has a responsibility to understand digital transformation and how it’s changing the lives of our customers. The greatest hindrance to enjoying the successes on offer to Digital Businesses, is the belief that the answer comes from conducting evermore online tactics. The reality is that strategy, business alignment and engagement are the driving forces behind online success.

We believe Digital Disruption is everywhere.

In June 2014 taxi drivers in Europe went on strike. Their business was being disrupted by a mobile app that bypassed many of the protections they faced as a licensed profession. This is one of the most manual jobs on Earth, the last place you would expect to see digital disruption.

In July 2014 purchased music slipped 14% while subscription music grew by 50.1%. We were just getting used to iTunes and now it’s all gone Spotify.

From Business to Business trading companies, to architects and zookeepers, all industries are facing rapid change due to new more affordable, effective and convenient business models. The adoption of these new models is getting faster, perpetuated by the compound growth of digital technology and its acceptance by every generation, gender and nation of the world.

We believe that technology is only the delivery agent for a strategy, it’s not strategic in its own right.

Your business is changing too. The challenge you probably face right now is understanding if your digital activity is just box ticking to say “we do digital” or if it is effective, strategically lead, measured and progressing the business toward a defined destination.

We believe that every business has the potential, it’s up to senior managers to get involved.

At ionology we help you face this challenge and empower you to lead your teams with a clear vision and strategy into a new era, as a highly successful Digital Business. We believe that every business has the potential to become a highly successful Digital Business and that the responsibility starts with the leadership, not just the digital marketing team.

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